Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unexpected Results

So my blog has already caused me a little grief! I was so worked up about writing my first blog and putting it on the web that I think I had a little anxiety. As EH and I lay down to sleep I asked him if he liked my blog. He said “I thought I told you I did”? I said “You aren’t sharing my enthusiasm!” Mind you he has only slept 4 hours in the past two days!  But I kept going on begging for attention about my blog. I accused him of not liking it and on and on. He drifted off to sleep while I pouted about his lack of interest in my excitement over my first post. Eventually I fell asleep only to be awoke (very early) by my pj’s being ripped down and my bottom being burned by a plastic hanger! I normally receive a maintenance spanking in the mornings but this was more on the scale of a punishment spanking! He lectured me about believing him when he said he liked my blog and that I was being disrespectful accusing him of not liking it! Also apparently I had been disrespectful the day before and he was going to correct it before the week end! I was groggy while he pulled my body close to the edge of the bed but with the first swoosh of the hanger I opened my eyes and hugged my pillow! I tried to muffle my yells so I wouldn’t be heard but every strike with that dang plastic hanger was searing pain on my bottom! Along with punishment I think he was releasing frustration from being so tired! Worst morning spanking ever! I kept thinking it was going to end but he continued to spank my bottom for a good long while! I finally said “ I’m sorry” and he eased up and it ended when I accepted the spanking and stopped yelling in my pillow and moving about. He rubbed my bottom for a minute then he jerked my legs over to the side of the bed and entered me from behind! I was not expecting that at all but I complied and rocked his rhythm. It was over in minutes and he held me close and told me how much he loves me. He pulled my pj’s up and tucked me back in bed.

I feel a little more humble about my blog today and I’m not going to badger Eh anymore when he’s tired.  I feel sorry that I cause him lack of sleep.


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  1. Ouch. I got one this morning too but for opposite reasons. He wants to drill in to me that it's okay to need him. I'm so afraid of being needy that I back off or am afraid to talk about stuff.